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Face framed cabinets are traditionally built cabinets with a 1 1/2" face frame that covers the front of the cabinet box. The doors then attach to the face frame, giving an added dimension to the door front. To increase storage space efficiency, CSS's faceframed cabinet box does not come with a center stile, allowing easier accessibility than other face framed cabinets in the industry. CSS's face framed cabinets offers both traditional and contemporary designs. 

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Frameless cabinet construction is an European way of manufacturing cabinets that has become popular among American homeowners seeking simple and more contemporary cabinet designs. Frameless cabinet offers greater accessibility by eliminating the face frame. Instead, it relies on thicker box construction for stability. CSS's frameless cabinet overs full overlay doors, high quality 3/4" thick solid plywood for cabinet box construction to achieve maximum stability.

Cabinets We Offer


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